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Al-Powered cybersecurity posture transformation

Balbix provides the world’s leading platform for cybersecurity posture automation. Using Balbix, organizations can discover, prioritize and mitigate unseen risks and vulnerabilities at high velocity. With seamless data collection and petabyte-scale analysis capabilities, Balbix is deployed and operational within hours and helps to decrease breach risk immediately

Banyan Security

Zero Trust Network Access

Banyan Security provides secure zero trust network access (ZTNA) to enterprise infrastructure, data and applications for employees, developers, and third party users without relying on network-centric solutions like VPNs.  The company’s ZTNA solution features continuous authorization with device trust scoring offering protection to tens of thousands of employees across multiple industries including finance, healthcare, manufacturing, and technology.


Revolutionizing diagnostic medical imaging

DeepSight™ is revolutionizing diagnostic medical imaging by reinventing ultrasound technology with patented hardware, software and AI algorithms to deliver 100 times higher sensitivity than the best ultrasound systems in the market. Existing ultrasound technologies are limited by sensitivity, depth penetration and clarity. DeepSight™ vastly improves ultrasound image quality and more than doubles the effective range when compared to conventional technologies.

Levl Technologies

Next generation device identity and intelligence

LEVL’s device intelligence platform helps network providers discover, classify and uniquely identify each individual device on their network creating a unique LEVL-ID for every device,  LEVL’s approach is passive with no code required on the device and privacy friendly as it does not require access to the user data.  Applications of the LEVL-ID can be found in the home, the enterprise network and on public Wi-Fi.


Lilac Cloud, Inc

Lilac Cloud is an exciting edge acceleration start-up in stealth mode. Lilac Cloud’s talented team were previously at such technology leaders as Cisco Systems, Juniper Networks, and Google.


Global IoT Connectivity – Private LTE Networks

Monogoto enables customers to attain secure, flexible, and service-rich mobile connectivity over public and private mobile infrastructure for IoT. Monogoto’s cloud platform provides customers simple cellular IoT connectivity with self-service automation, global visibility, and network security.

SiLC Technologies

4D LiDAR Modules

SiLC Technologies’ silicon photonics integrated FMCW LiDAR platform enables simultaneous imaging and processing of visual information at the sensor.  Applications for SiLC’s modules are in industries such as image sensing, robotics, industrial controls, automotive, and consumer electronics.


Efficient Edge Machine Learning Semiconductor

SiMa.ai is a machine learning company enabling high performance computing at very low power consumption level.  SiMa.ai, although initially focused on solutions for computer vision applications at the embedded edge, supports a broad set of capabilities through its purpose-built platform.  The company is led by a team of technology experts committed to delivering the industry’s highest frames per second per watt solution at the edge to its customers.


SlashNext is the authority on spear-phishing and human hacking.  With their patented technology,

SlashNext detects zero-hour phishing threats by performing dynamic run-time analysis on billions of URLs a day through virtual browsers and machine learning. Take advantage of SlashNext’s phishing defense services using mobile apps, browser extensions, and APIs that integrate with leading mobile endpoint management and IR services.

Spectro Cloud

Enterprise Kubernetes Orchestration

Spectro Cloud is an enterprise-grade Kubernetes management platform that provides stack flexibility and ease of use. With a managed service-like experience it gives organizations control of their entire Kubernetes infrastructure including Kubernetes distributions, network and storage integrations, security, monitoring, and load balancing.

Videon Labs

Video Compute Platform

Videon Labs’ video edge computing platform provides superior live video stream processing and ultra-low latency distribution with greater efficiency and at lower costs.  Videon’s customers include new and traditional media content creators and distributors as well as enterprises, systems integrators, cloud operators, and technology solutions and service providers.

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