Alter is excited to invest in DeepSight’s quest to revolutionize diagnostic medical imaging

Alter Blog   •   October 11, 2021

Medical imaging has existed for over 100 years with the purpose of effectively diagnosing and treating patients. Ultrasound in particular, has been one of the safest, most accessible, and cost-effective solutions for a number of use-cases. However, the technology is still challenged by image quality that lacks contrast, resolution and in many cases, an inability to sufficiently penetrate the body. DeepSight has developed a unique solution that delivers a quantum leap in performance, making ultrasound more effective and applicable to a broader range of use cases.

Alter’s excitement is anchored by our belief in the world class team, the unique technology, and the overwhelming market opportunity.

Team: Co-Founders Nader Sadrzadeh, Dr. Lan Yang, and Anand Chandrasekher bring a unique combination of talent to DeepSight. With 20 years of experience in the semiconductor and manufacturing industries, Nader Sadrzadeh brings broad experience building and managing large-scale business operations. Dr. Lan Yang founded the nano-technologies lab at Washington University and has spent the last fifteen years introducing new technologies. Anand Chandrasekher is a seasoned global, technology, and management executive with a track record for delivering results at market-leading companies including Intel and Qualcomm. The team conceived the use of medical ultrasound leveraging DeepSight’s superior technology. Alter’s co-investors Steve Hochberg of Deerfield Management Company, Gaurav Garg of Wing Venture Capital, and D.A. Wallach and Tim Wright of Time BioVentures will also bring their health care and company building experience to the team.

Technology: Disruptive technology is often claimed but rarely is truly revolutionary. DeepSight brings years of technological breakthroughs to the medical ultrasound space with patented hardware and software leveraging artificial intelligence to provide 100x higher sensitivity. This allows for improved image clarity, greater depth penetration into the human body and a wider field of view. With this enhanced technology, DeepSight is pushing the boundaries of conventional ultrasound imaging and extending its use to new applications.

Market Opportunity

The $8 billion ultrasound market is growing rapidly and provides ample opportunity for a start-up to thrive.  In addition to the conventional ultrasound market, DeepSight’s technology also allows for expanded use cases that would otherwise require additional medical procedures, such as CT or MRI, opening the door to the entire $45 billion diagnostic imaging market. With applications ranging from Pediatrics and Neonatal/OBGYN to Cardiology or obesity-related diseases, the opportunities for DeepSight are incredible and we are excited to join the team.